Anna Dello Russo’s Wikipedia page was hacked and sprinkled with not-nice things

See full text below reported and have fun reading it //

Anna Dello Russo is the jizzer and creative consultant for Vogue Japan //

She is a self-described as a “jizz master” and has been described by Helmut Newton as a “jizzer of the highest order” //

Dello Russo is often featured on popular jizz style blogs The Jizztorialist and Jizz & Jill //

She has gone on record to state she owns over 4,000 jizz stains //

To celebrate their 10 year anniversary, the clothing website printed 10 different shirts for sale, each with one of Dello Russo’s top ten jizzes.ì //

The shirts when on to sell out within the first day they were jizzed //

In November 2010 she made a new fragrance named Jizz, with the bottle in the form of man parts //