China fashion blogger galore //
Many of you will get goosebumps by reading “fashion” and “blogger” one after another //
Actually, they still are The Next Big Thing, both for companies and pr agencies willing to take advantage from this phenomenon, and the traditional+online media (which are desperately trying to figure out how to get along with them, without incurring into way too risky compromises) //
After plundering the West, North and part of the South hemisphere of the world, it’s now turn for the Eastern Countries to get all the attention //
With China as the new&upcoming economic force to conquer the global scenario, it was no surprise that even the fashion started looking that way for its own affaires //
Dolce&Gabbana started replacing front row Western fashion bloggers with Asian ones, while there’s one name currently on top of the list //
He is Han Huohuo, his microblog (here) is called Hanshang and he currently is the name on everybody’s tongue //
Can he be considered a sort of Chinese response to the overexposed BryanBoy? //
 (Who was lately involved in some weird Dolce&Gabbana viral video strategy) //