There’s an old Italian adagio that states: “women get old, men mature” //
Think of all the 40-something guys you know //
You will find yourself thinking “wow, he’s still so hot!” //
While looking at pictures of women of the same age your thought will be something like “wow, she’s not that bad” //
Seems that at Marni they had these considerations in their mind when 2012 F/W collection was created //
I’m saying so becouse one of women body parts I find really ugly to look at when they/we get old are knees (try to prove me wrong on that) //
Perfect solution to it could be a soft, semi-transaparent, skin toned layer gently covering legs, just sneaking out under knee-lenght dresses or skirts //
Exactly as seen on Marni’s outfits //
Such a smart trick, the ladies say THANK YOU //

September always is a hot hot month for the fashion industry //
From fashion weeks to the main glossies coming out with their much awaited (and feared - for God’s sake, do I have to break my back tryin’ to carry one single magazine?!) “September issues” , there’s plenty of things to do to get ready for the new season //
And this September 2011 is gonna be even hotter for me, since other than my collaboration for Corriere della Sera I’m also writing for //
I was selected as one of the 8 Italian bloggers to cover Milano Moda Donna //
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