"Osmotheque", or: where perfumes take a break


Everyone has its own Buen Retiro: a place where to forgive and forget, where to isolate from the rest of the world //

Former “nose” Jean Kerleo founded this unique sort of olfactory library in Paris, just around the corner of beautiful and magnificent Chateau de Versailles //

Since 1990 the retired perfumer Yves Tanguy runs the “Osmotheque” [link to website], where fragrances from the past and present are stored //

Nearly 2,500 fragrances are guarded there, treated as true jewels //

A precious olfactory database where it is possible even to recreate scents based on descriptions contained in old writings, novels, tales //

Let ‘em wear Lacroix (paraphrasing a quote from French Queen Marie Antoinette) //
Frills, foppery and all the delicious excess of 18th century fashion — juxtaposed with contemporary interpretations of France’s Golden Age — are on display at the Grand Trianon at Versailles in the exhibit “The 18th Century Back in Fashion” //
Meet 18th Century opulent clothes along with contemporary super designers’ creations - Lacroix, Vivienne Westwood, … //
In Paris, until 9th October //
Source: FahionMag IT //

“Madame Grès, La Couture à L’Oeuvre" is the name of the retrospective that Parisian museum Musée Bourdelle dedicated to Madame Grès (open until July, 25th) //
After training as a sculptress (which explaines her obsession for pleats), in 1942 Germaine Émilie Krebs launches her own design house “Grès”, in Paris //
Recognized as one of the most elegant women in the world, her clothes are true artworks, a cross between “just a dress” and something worth an exhibition - precisely //

Giambattista Valli's fashion evokes a sense of beauty that reminds us of the Grace Kellies and Audrey Hepburns we all learnt to love and admire //

Effortless elegance, natural charme and looks glowing from head to toe with magnificence are some of the reasons why Valli gained for himself attention and respect - from both his public and the whole fashion system //
His first couture collection, seen at Paris Fashion Week, makes no exception //
We saw outfits that burst with a convincing but never too daring sensuality //
Intense (coral) reds alternated to more reassuring black’n whites plus gold accessories that add extra light to the outfits //

An almost shy feminine figure comes out, fully conscious of her beauty, expressed in a very simple way //

I totally LOVE this look from Smalto's S/S 2012 collection //

Such a smart exotic leathers combination //

This brand, founded approximately 50 years ago by Francesco Smalto, is now run by Youn Chong Bak //

The latest menswear collection was presented during Paris Fashion Week //