Great clothes, an amazing location…and good food //

A very quick review of yesterday’s late night opening at Workshop Torino //

An important part of the event (apart from shopping) was the charity initiative set up by Giulia Acchiardi, who owns the shop //

Those attending the event could in fact by one or more plants (thyme, sage) and devolve the money to a local charity foundation //

If you wish to take one more look to the lovely things sold by Workshop Torino you can drop by Byhand Show, an event taking place Fri 21st - Sun 23rd March at Archivio dello Stato (located in Turin downtown) //

See you there! //

There are only a few places that are truly meaningful to us //
Special corners we keep in our hearts as precious treasures and are not so easy to share with others //
But Workshop Torino definitively has to be talked about out loud //
It’s a lovely shopping corner in Turin (Italy), with a taste for vintage allure and contemporary design, always keeping an eye on quality and research //
So if you happen in Turin this March, 18th, you will come across a “late opening” event during which you’ll have the chance to browse the upcoming SS14 collection…until 9.30 pm! //
Which means a lot of time to try up some lovely dresses to match with even lovelier handbags and shoes //
And even do some good buying flowers for charity //
See you there! //